How to add a device to your spotify

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You can add a single Spotify Connect device—that will play in any audio-capable room of the home—or multiple Spotify Connect devices (up to ten), allowing you to send independent streams to different speaker locations.

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How to change Spotify output device - YouTube Select the device you want the sound to come out of ... How to change Spotify output device How to change Spotify audio device How to change Spotify sound device How to setup Spotify output device ... Spotify - How to Remove Devices from Account - YouTube A short tutorial on how to remove devices from using your Spotify account. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Spotify Account Devices List: Use Premium Spotify Account on Two Devices If you have a premium spotify account you know that you only can use it on one device at a time. Which is annoying because it was intended to be a family account. Local files - Spotify

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